Friday, April 8, 2011

Walking, walking, walking

Hi!  Still around but been out of it this week.  D is on a walking kick, working up to 5 miles a day.  With the whole family (if homework is completed).  Not so bad but geez does it wear me out!  So far my average is 17-18 min mile. Pretty good for a gal who dropped all sort of working out at the end of summer last year.  I wanted to get back up into the swing of things Jan but my bod obviously had other plans.

So for now the evenings are I get home, pester the kids (cause thats what good moms do :-p ), get ready for walking, wait for D to get home & ready, then off we go.  ~40 min later we are home, I rush to make dinner (not sure how Im stuck with this) while D & boy 2 shower.

So by the time dinner is done, its all I can do to eat, stay up a bit to digest and not fall asleep in my chair.  So sad :-)

I know the energy will get better, just takes a while as the bod is getting shocked at all this working.  Today I will be increasing my water intake, less caffeine (well after my coffee in the morning anyway).

Blogger posting issues

Ive seen so many posts about Blogger posting pictures funky (and it does).  Not to mention its an absolute pain in the a** to get said pictures uploaded (just all those steps for one picture let alone several) and then moved into place.  Forbid if you accidently delete one (been there, done that)

I got fed up a couple years ago and started using Windows Live Writer.  Its part of the Windows Live software download but you can choose only the Live Writer.  I can change font, font size, color and better yet I can drag and drop pictures from where they are on my computer into the Live Writer post window and they go where I put them, I can resize, link them to another site or choose not to allow them to link anywhere.

Oh and I can use this for several blogs, no matter what service they belong to (Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad etc)

Downside I currently have is formatting.  Hitting enter will create another paragraph and I have no control over spacing (Ive looked for the settings so if there are any they hide good) and it doesnt work on Blogger Pages.

Stitching Challenge!

Stitch Bitch is having another stitching challenge.  This one sounds fun as the challenge can include creating your own part of the chart.  I know my creative thoughts are moving – some at speeds faster than I can keep up with.  Time will tell what I come up with.  No sharing allowed until its all done.

Other Stitching stuff

I tried starting a new project last Saturday, Love by Bent Creek, its a wedding present for a friend.  I got the E done and started working on the V when I discovered I was using the wrong fiber.  *sigh thank you froggs.  I had been missing a major color needed for this piece.  Found out today its on Back Order (not good) but then checking it out more decided it just wasnt the right color for the piece so picked out another.  I hope to get another start on it tomorrow while the boys are at Saturday Academy.

I also picked out DMC fibers for Spring Bloomers (Cross-Stitch & Needlework May 2011).  Im stitching it on 36ct Sunshine from Lakeside Linen, a wonderful bright spring-y yellow.  I may start this tonight, depending if I can get my fibers bobbined (see below)

Furry Minions investigations

I swear they can hear me remove the tags off the fibers for winding on to bobbins for both will come to investigate.


And watch, wait, move closer, watch some more and some times touch.


  1. I found the picture thing really annoying on blogger too.. then they changed it and it seems much better and easier to use. Lol at the moggies and your thread..

  2. Thanks for the windows live tip. Good for you on walking - when we moved here I took up Nordic walking (with poles) and although I'm not very fast my stamina is improving. We had a dog that loved bananas - he could be asleep in the bedroom upstairs and he could hear the World Traveller peeling one, lol!