Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another busy day

I have no pictures today and not much stitched on.  Both kids had Saturday Academy – both had a great time.  Next was rushing home to inhale lunch and off to hair cuts for them and pampering for me (mmm, pampering).  Pedi and nails.  Ive added acrylic as my nails have been dry (even with lotion) and breaking off in painful ways.

Now to learn typing with extra bits getting in the way.

This afternoon we had the honor to see Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem All-Stars play against some of the teachers in P’s school for a PTO fund raiser.  Some of the usual skits were done, the yo-yo ball and water bucket (only on the audience, not the full bucket on the ref)

It was a blast!  I was able to “mark an item off my bucket list” as D puts it.  I loved watching the Globetrotters growing up but was never able to see them in person.  Now I have (at least some of them) and to see Meadowlark – just wow!  It was wonderful to be able to see them in a more personal venue and not ant size in a huge arena.

I will have pictures of that tomorrow for sure.

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