Friday, April 22, 2011

Party finish

This week was no TV week for kid 2, we had kid 1 join in and both did fantastic!  They read, played card & board games and the Legos are strung across both rooms.  Not even a peep on when could they turn the TV on.

So for celebration I took them to Powells (local book store) and had each get a new book.  Oh and paused by Cold Stone cause its Friday, sunny and you just cant to wrong by ice cream.


I actually stitched today.  Dragon Dream’s Earth Dragon came out to play but thats not what Im showing tonight.

My MIL’s birthday is today and the party is tomorrow so I spent my evening finishing up what I stitched for her

Love Bunnies 4-22-11 finish front 

 Love Bunnies 4-22-11 finish back

The fabric backing is so fun.  Main bummer is the hanger is a bit off center.  Only so much fixing I could do without messing up the pom poms.


  1. I LOVE this finish! The backing fabric and trim are both PERFECT!!!
    Happy Spring!

  2. I think the inherent adorable-ness of pompoms makes up for any perceived shortcomings. Very cute. We did no tv week a few years ago. I was surprised we managed, but we're far less likely to have the television on for background noise even today than we were before we did it.