Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wonderful long weekend

Even if it still felt short.

Friday was spent driving around, DL going to craft camp (he had a wonderful time), Dropped off Tanglewood at the framers to be further beautified,  lunch with my Sister’s family (and inlaws), cleaning out the kitchen (and further evicting ants – yuck!), then taking boys over to my inlaws for the night.

Saturday D and I hung out, went shopping then hung out some more.  Boys came home after dinner (easy dinner for 2 for 2 days!).  I spent the evening baking & cooking.  Scones, breakfast cake (not really coffee but close), bacon (mmm bacon) and cut up strawberries.  The bacon was mostly consumed before bed time.  Who can resist bacon??  The scones havent lasted much longer and I suspect the last will be gone during breakfast tomorrow.

Today was more hanging out then shopping.  Then tiredness smacked me hard.  Im tired but cant sleep and sore.  Now Im waiting for bed.


We have officially reserved our first week of camping at the coast during the summer.  Im shocked there was the time still available in one campground and the same spot for a whole week.  No RV yet, just the tent.  And I will be taking lots of hand-warmers to help keep me warm when I get cold.  The boys are very excited.


I have stitched this weekend – tried to get at least one page completed in His Name.  Im closer but not quite there yet.

His Name 3-27-11

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on Tanglewood.  I had fun Friday picking out the right frame and matting.  I should be getting it back Wed and will definitely share pictures.

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