Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh, Ive been planning

All around canning. 

I remember helping my Grandma Grace in early summer canning peaches and apricots, my hands were smaller and thus lots better at laying the fruit just right in the jars.  Game for me to see if I could keep up with her.  She could get the skin off a peach and have it ready for a jar fast!

D & I used to ‘shop at the family store’ over Thanksgiving, picking up fruit (mmm, nectarines), beans (so need to find out how Aunt Martha canned those!), apple butter (nuff said) and spaghetti sauce.

Just seems a better use of time and energy to can than freeze.  1) I dont have space for an freezer, chest or otherwise.  2) I do have a space in the ‘garage’ that could be used as a root cellar during parts of the year.  Ive seen ways of making my own but it wont be part of the house.

There are canning books and then there is Ball Blue Book.  Nuff Said.

Just seems better (cheaper overall) to make my own jams (mmm boysenberry, marionberry), spaghetti sauce and fruit to eat during the year than to spend the bank.

Maybe by this time next year I can even start the planning on our own garden (and then I will have to can pickles – yuk!)

So I will be doing more planning and see where this leads me.

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  1. Did I miss some critical pickle legislation? Maybe the cukes won't come out well.