Monday, March 28, 2011

Baking Goddess

Ok, maybe not a total baking goddess but I did make DL’s weekend by making scones.  Those lasted two whole days (I had the last one).  DL was planning on having one for breakfast (while I was eating the last one) so I did the good thing and we made – More!

Wonderful Chocolate chip/cream scones.  14 in this batch, all hand shaped.  Which means rolled and squished then placed onto the pan.  Sat I made really large triangles.  Next time I will make two smaller balls, squish and cut into even-ish triangles (like pizza) then bake.

Ive been using my food processor to cut in the butter into the dry ingredients and can I say OMG why havent I done that before!!  Tonight I used the large metal blade and it mixed in the butter so nice and evenly.  Then dump into a bowl to add the wet and extras (mini chocolate chips and 1 cup heavy cream for this batch).  Mix, shape, place on baking sheet, bake and enjoy the smell.

Here is the recipe I used – Scones – which I found on Tanya’s (The Sampler Girl) blog.

So easy and yummy!

I almost ran out to get the pan she uses (cause it looks so cool!) but Im holding off as I have a Silt pat (silicone baking mat) that works wonderful for baking cookies and scones.


  1. Yummy! I love scones! Very sweet of you to make more. LOL I wish I had a big food processor! I dont even have room for my 4 cup one in my tiny kitchen!