Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sat field trip

I went on another field trip out of the house today.  This one was longer and to more places.

Grocery stores for some of the weekly needs.  Costco run is on the plan for tomorrow – for now anyway.  May end up sending D with a list.

Had to get to A&T to pick up some stash.

Nashville special, Fireweed by Ink Circles – Carries Silks look so pretty!  I’ve placed this project in my 2012 list, hope I can wait that long.


We Three by Plum Street Samplers – These three ornaments finish out my 2012 new starts.  And perfect for presents later in the year.


Now my stash to-do for the remainder of 2011 is to prep for 2012.

Stitch updates

Tanglewood has been going pretty good

Tanglewood 3-5-11

I have found a couple stains since I started working on it again.  Some of it will be covered by the dragon but not all.


I will be off to get a Tide To Go and a Oxi Clean Gel stick to see which works best on the fabric.  Its a plain lugana, no special dyes, but I want to be sure its not going to color the cloth funny.

Thats all for now – its been a busy day and Im good and tired.

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