Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Days

Ive had a good couple of days.  Shopping today while a bit tiring was good.  I feel a little stronger each day.  Im headed back to work tomorrow (ok, logging in from home but full days working).

Im also going to try turning the treadmill on and walk a bit each day.  Ive felt better in the morning after going shopping the past few days – walking feels good.  So not going to push it, when I feel tired I will stop (giving myself at least 5-10 min at a stretch)

Tanglewood Update

Ok no picture but I did try out Tide-to-go pen and it seems to have removed most of the stain.  So Ive gone on and finished stitching the green parts of the thistles and the remainder of the ground.  All thats left is the top parts of the thistles and the dragon.  Im so excited!  I am pushing to have this completed this week!!

Then on to the framers…

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