Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another one down

Book 12 for 2011 has been finished.


Death Most Definite is the first book for author Trent Jamison.  Fast pace, non-stop action throughout this one.  Cant wait to see what happens next!

Still no stitching done.  Just not feeling well lately, areas healing are not happy so Im taking things easy (although how much easy than stitching can get I have no idea).  Now if only I could stitch as fast as I read.

I did stop by A&T to browse charts for a wedding sampler.  I wanted something I could get finished by June (wedding is in July – sometime) and not something overly complex.

I came home with Lizzie Kate


Adding the couple’s names and wedding date at the bottom and I should be good to go.  Main question I have to answer is the fabric count.  I would like it to be big enough to see and enjoy but small enough to look nice.

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