Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah Mobility!

Im Free, Im Free, Im Free!!!  I can drive again!! WooHoo!!

(just a bit excited here can you tell?)

So for my first act of freedom – Im headed to work tomorrow.  I know, not the run for freedom I would have planned for either but so needed.  But it does give me the opportunity to run away to stitch with friends this week. (squee!!)

Bah Technology!

Im hating technology a bit tonight.  Our thermostat was on its way out.  Furnace works but the wall doohickey was so not doing its job on a regular basis.  As not getting the signal sent to the furnace to start pumping wonderful heat through the house on cold, cold mornings.

So D got a new high techie fangled, evil, twisted, monster today. (hows that for adjectives?)

I tried programming the damn thing.  Got most days completed (or so I thought) and then cause I believe I am a techie type person I tried to “copy days”.  Ya, right.  NOT!  Stupid thing pretty much reverted back to factory specs and copied over everything I just did!.

So its back in D’s hands.  Im done.

Update – Now its not working for D.  The program button-thingy is on strike and is refusing to work.  Oh what an interesting evening we shall have tonight.

Update part deux – Ah the wonders of YouTube and buttons.  D figured out what buttons and areas on the new fangled screen needed to be pushed and in what order (standing on one leg, holding a pinky toe and singing a duet to Bohemian Rhapsody – lol) to make the darn thing program right.


No stitching yet today.  I was busy working, catching up on things (some said things that I need to go in for fixing), researching others, and listening to P complain about his stuffed up, miserable, runny nose.  All. Day. Long.

My deepest apologies to any SO he may have in the future.  This is not something I can fix.  I tolerate it just enough to point the direction to his room and tell him to yell at the wall cause the bitching is doing him no good with me, he might have better luck there.  Yup, you’ve got a cold.  And your miserable.  Ive given suggestions that you’ve tossed away as no good.  I wash my hands of you (a lot, with soap!)

Now Im off to try and add some stress relieving x’s to Tangelwood before running to bed.

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