Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doing Better

Just after being majorly ill or having a procedure done there is always that time where you just wonder – will this get any better or am I going to be stuck feeling this way.  Then soon, sometimes the next day, you do start feeling better.  Yesterday was in the dumps as I over did things a bit Monday but today was the turn around day.  Ive only had one Percocet and the rest has been Advil (only twice).  Granted Ive kept things very light but its whats needed now.

Im feeling pretty darn good.

Still – no driving.  Walking DL to the bus is a huge chore (even when taking it really slow).  No running around the house or picking up the cats or reaching for that one thing thats high up in the cupboards.  Thats why I have tall boy (P) :o)

Today I spent most of the day parked in my cushy chair in the great room watching TV, napping or stitching.  It was wonderful.

I even pulled out an old, old WIP, Tanglewood by Ink Circles

Tanglewood Before

Tanglewood 5-31-10

Tanglewood After

Tanglewood 3-2-11

I have two full pages now complete and just the bottom leaves to add, right side ground layer and the dragon (which equals two other pages to complete).

Sad thing about this project is when I started it, I didnt know you could pre-treat the threads and the dark colors are bleeding a bit.  Not too much but I can tell where when I look close.  So I really want to finish this soon, get it framed and keep it out of the light so the rest of the colors stay where they should.

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