Monday, February 28, 2011

Yes, the bathroom has an echo

It seems to be the favorite spot for Loki these days after at least one boy has gone to bed.  Silly cat will sit in the middle of the bathroom and whine.  I figure it does one of two things.  He can “hear” someone else talking back AND it gets a human to pay attention to him (mainly me).

Goof ball!

Speaking of cats, a friend of mine just brought a new sweetie home tonight.

King Henry


Isnt he a handsome kitty?  He was in need of a good new forever home and she just couldnt get him out of her mind.  (It was destiny K!!)

On the stitch front

In between my naps today I worked on an old WIP – Mine All Mine by X’s & O’s

Here’s how it looked before

Mine all Mine 7-23-10

And here’s how it looks now.

Mine all Mine 2-28-11

I switched out the original colors of the orange present and used some of the original colors of the dragon.

Now on to bed.


  1. The cloth dragon probably weighs as much a the cat. km

  2. Glad to hear am not the only one with a silly cat! One of my cats 'sings' in the bathroom as well. She prefers to give concerts during the night. We don't!!
    Your stitching projects are beautiful.