Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love my guys

All the guys have been wonderful since my Op.  So helpful getting things for me and doing day to day stuff around the house.  D went shopping at Costco and got some yummy looking premade dinners.  And as Im working on getting off fluids only I cant wait!

Another good feeling is that I was able to finish work stuff for the most part.  I will need to get back online late Mon or Tues morn and then I should have the rest of the week off.

Today was an ok day.  I tried to swap the heavy drugs for 3 Advil and it didnt work as well as I’d hoped.  So for now Im sticking with the good stuff and will try again late tomorrow or Monday with just Advil.  Just dont like the fogginess and zoning I get with the heavy stuff.

Fun things Ive gotten

Flowers & eatable arraignment

EADS Flowers (2)           OA Eatables

DL was jumping all over the place wanting chocolate covered strawberries :o)  (oh and boy are they yummy!)

I also added a few more x’s to Frank N Boo.  Im hoping to have all four Boo’s finished by the end of the weekend.

Frank n Boo 2-26-11

Thank you for the wonderful well wishes. 


  1. Glad you are in the recovery process enough to start to "think" about downgrading the drugs...take it easy and let the boys look after are always looking after them - it is time for them to take a turn :-)

  2. Hope you're able to transition to advil with little problem. That heavy duty stuff just knocks me OUT!

    Lovely flowers and the edible arrangement is so pretty - and they taste SO good!

    Feel better!

  3. Glad you're doing OK!!! Rest rest rest.

    Love the progress on frank n boo.