Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rough Weekend

The lemons I mention about last week are not making life easy.  A good nap was called for Sat, only way I could get comfortable.  Cant wait til Thurs when I get more info.

Still got a bit of home stuff accomplished  Cleaning of the house, DL had a friend over today, regular weekly shopping and clothes washing.

We did watch the Super Bowl for a bit this year – Im still waiting to watch the commercials tomorrow.  My fav so far is the VW Passat with Darth.  Too funny!

As promised I have photos to share

Fall Mandala – I think the outline is almost 1/4th completed

Fall Mandala 2-6-11

Mine – going good with this one, of course I just jinxed things :op

Mine 2-6-11

Gingerbread Tree – This one is a PITA!  The gingers do not want to be counted right – just messing with me! Gah!  The left man gets to be pulled out while I fix the top one’s foot and re-stitch everything.  Yup – its grounded for now.

Gingerbread Tree 2-6-11

Newbies!  A&T had a wonderful Super Bowl sale today and I had to stop in and get a few items.

CCN Bunny Hop – chart with 40ct Vint. Lt Examplar and WDW Guacamole for grass.  All other fibers will be DMC

Bunny Hop

CCN Sheep in the Meadow – 40ct Flax, GAST Dried Thyme (changed from WDW Scuppernong) and GAST Wood Smoke (changed from WDW Mocha).  All other fibers will be DMC

Sheep Medow

Both of these will be stitched as gifts.  Persons have been picked, just not sure of when they will be gifted – future thinking/planning :o)

I almost went for 32ct on both of these – just more of a color choice on fabrics but then a friend showed me her new project, an LHN done on 45ct (Egads!) and I just knew 32 wasnt going to do it for me.  Her’s looked too cute!

While Im moving on to more 36 & 40ct fabrics, I do think Im going to have to place a halt there.  45ct is too small for me.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your stitching and your stash! Hope those lemons turn to lemonaide soon.

  2. Mine looks great!! How did you do the long stitches for the whiskers so they were anchored? I have the hardest problem with that.

  3. Lovely progress on your wips, I love all the Ink Circles Mandalas.
    Your new starts are going to be great, such cute designs.