Thursday, February 3, 2011


I follow a rrs thats part of the I Can Has Cheezburger family called “It Made My Day”.

One post today made me think


So next time I call a company that has one of those annoying automated system circles, Im gonna scream and see what happens :op

Nashville stash wants!

Paulette @ Plum Street Sampler has released her info on The Flood – a companion to Paradise Lost.


Isnt it wonderful?

I think Im going to place these on my want list for this year and maybe add them to my Crazy January Challenge 2012 (Oh Ya, Im already working on next year’s list)

Yesterday and today I added x’s to Ink Circle’s Fall Mandala and today added x’s to LaDeDa Pumpkins Three.  Will do a photo shoot of updates sometime this weekend..

Loki is letting me know its time for me to hit the pillow – silly thing doesnt even come to bed.  He spends the time racing around the house (and running into walls – lol).  I think when he has worn himself out, then he comes and takes up my side of the bed.


  1. I'll have to remember that - yelling at the recording - hilarious!

    Paulette's piece is wonderful, isn't it?

  2. That is hilarious!! Although, usually if it's a voice-activated system, just saying "agent" or "representative" at any point will cut through all the menus and let you talk to a live person!

    The screaming may make you feel better, though. ;)