Saturday, February 12, 2011

Plans – I got’em

This weekend is the bi-monthly stitch weekend at my friend Vikki’s  20+ gals gather at her house for stitching, fun conversations, great laughs and more stitching.

My plan today is to get three project finished.  They are so close! 

Here they are as the last time pictured

Quaker Boo – More has been completed than this picture shows.  Im working on October and the bottom border – Finis!!

Quaker Boo 2-9-11

Mine – Not much has been added since this pic was taken and shared.  Should still be a quick finish.

Mine 2-6-11

Gingerbread Tree – This one will be coming out of time out – hopefully with lessons learned!

Gingerbread Tree 2-6-11

Now to keep focused!


  1. Those are just the cutest 3 pieces! And none are too large so they make perfect goals. I meant to do that Britty Kitty last December, but now it will sit around and wait for a while. But I do love it!

  2. Have a great day! I hope you finish your goals!

  3. Good luck on getting your pieces done and have fun with the girls!

  4. have fun with your friends and good luck getting your 3 finished.

  5. Hope you had a great stitching day with your friends and managed some happy dances.