Monday, February 14, 2011

Now the long wait begins

Well as expected the unauthorized charges went through.  So wish the fraud dept had the cajones to place a stop when you verbally let them know you did not make said charges and to cancel the offending card.  But nope.  Filled out the paperwork at the branch and got a new card (yea!).  Now I get to wait 10 business days for the bank to "research" and decide if I get the funds back. 

Doing my own research - if this does happen to you, go into the branch asap!  As soon as you let them know and fill out fraud paperwork the better.  For debit card fraud they may still charge the consumer (you) $50 but if you let it slide that "fee" goes up ($500+)

My computer thankfully was virus free but we are back to not knowing where/how said wonderful person nabbed my card info in the first place.

On to much funner stuff – Stitching!!

My stitching habit is getting to be expensive!  Or at least bigger than I can get accomplished in a life-time.

This weekend a friend was downsizing her stash and I picked up The Token by Long Dog Samplers.  Its been one Ive been looking at for a while and now I have the chart and fabric (already in my stash) and now its picking out the fibers to be used.  Oh yes this one will be started this year if I can narrow the fiber color down soon enough :-p

And checking out colors on Hand Dyed Fibers I spied Vikki's conversion for The Flood.  Wow, at $64 Im going to have to save up a few months.  The fibers for Paradise Lost isnt cheap but ~ half at $36ish.  Now to figure out VC conversion for Jenny Bean Christmas and I should have my big projects ready to go for next year.  All three will be stitched on VC's Quernstone (fast becoming a favorite).

Now for pictures!

My Flipp’n Crazy Challenge finish - Quaker Boo by Sampler Girl

Quaker Boo 2-13-11 Finish

36ct Navy Bean, Lakeside Linen, Thread WDW Carrot & Scuppernong

Another CJC finish - Mine by Brittercup

Mine 2-13-11 Finish

32ct Ale by Colorscapes, DMC thread

Gingerbread Tree (not so finished but getting closer!)

Gingerbread Tree 2-13-11

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the finishes and well wishes for the up coming operation.


  1. Sorry to hear about the debit card thing. Now, there are a lot of reports of scammers taking your password at atms and gas stations. They attach a reader and camera to see you punch in your code. Arco is notorious for that happening in case there's one near you. Hope the bank resolves it for your quickly.

  2. The debit card numbers being stolen is a scary thing. I hope you get it all straightened out, soon!
    Your finishes and "almost finish" are really sweet!

  3. That bites about the fraud thing.. fingers crossed they resolve it quickly and you get your money back. I noticed here in Australia some media about customers of the Lush (soaps and beautiful smelly lotions etc) chain having their personal details compromised by hackers.

  4. this happened to us one is the main reason we only use credit card because your money is 100% guaranteed to be returned on fraud. Good Luck...I know it is horribly upsetting.

    So Rachel...tell me what you think about VC and her conversions. I am so tempted to get them for Paradise Lost or the Flood...

  5. Long Dog samplers are not for those short on cash. I used their recommended colors for Beautie Spot. There are probably 30 colors @$2.00 each plus some of the colors I have had to buy multiple cards. You will have to get the debit card situation under control so you can play with thread:) Hope you can get the bank in line soon. Your finishes look great!

  6. Sorry to hear about the fraud. Hope everything gets resolved quickly.

    Love the Quaker Boo finish!

  7. Hope you manage to get your money back very soon.
    Congrats on your cute finishes, the gingerbread men will be finished soon as well I'm sure.