Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Im the bestest Mom Evar!

And all it takes is dinner out of the “Blue Box” (Kraft Mac & Cheese) and fresh fruit for dinner.  Not the best of meals but got me a great big hug from DL when he saw the day-glow orange of the “cheese”.

I have a final (well for the moment) date for surgery, and its still in a week.  Now the worry starts about the whole thing happening for real.  The pain is better, barely there (well for the moment) but – and there is always one of those, there are other things that just wont go the hell away.

Can you believe the weather peeps are threatening us with Snow later this week?  SNOW!  In the middle of February. 


The mind boggles.  Systems finally converge so we get the white stuff right towards the end of the season.

Not much stitching today, beta access to Rift (new MMORPG) thats open from today to next Monday.  Had a blast playing tonight.

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  1. Lol my bf is doing the beta for Rift too. It does look pretty but I still like my WoW.