Sunday, February 20, 2011

MMM Market

Doncha just love Market time?  Sharon Cresent released more Belle Soie (and Cresents) that are screaming Bramble & Rose at me.  Pecan Pie, Biscotti & Berry Cobbler.  Stitched on something dark maybe?  Still thinking on that.


I had no plans this weekend other than grocery shopping and laundry.  So Im 2 for 2 (Yea!!)  The rest has been left up to chance. 

D, P and I have all been playing Rift Beta while DL has caught what ever nasty-ass bug is roaming around.  Poor kid is battling a temp of 102-103 (cheers for Advil & Tylenol) and is just laying around watching TV.  Not complaining too much, Im doing my best about pestering him to drink fluids (mean mom that I am)

Thankfully tomorrow is a day off for me and the boys (D gets to work).  I feel sorry for DL as he is wasting a day off on being sick.

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