Monday, February 21, 2011

So and so and…

My day was a bit interesting.  DL, not feeling well for most of the weekend woke up with a sore throat and still warm (101ish).  He tried so hard to hide the sore throat but wincing while swallowing anything is such a huge giveaway.  So off to the Dr we went.  Dr took pity on the kid and didnt require a strep test but after the exam did prescribe antibiotics (cause he was looking bacteria-ish).  On that he took pity on me and the school system and we got a once a day dose.

He was back to his normal, “mom Im bored – entertain me” self by this afternoon.

I spent my morning (when not on the phone getting an appt for DL) getting work stuff done.  Not what I want to do on a day off but its got to be done before Thurs.

Which may be an iffy thing thx to that ugly four letter word people have been using all season long



See how ugly they are saying the middle to end of our week might be?  I have to be at the hospital on Thurs. *sigh

I did get some x’s added to projects today.  Frank N’ Boo now has a whole Boo on the first frame.  No issues even.

Cant say the same for Bunny Hop.  The bunnies are frolicking where they shouldnt (a whole row up atm) but their hop prints are where they should be.  Im thinking of letting the bunnies frolic where they are and just add another row of grass for them to enjoy.  Saves me from removing all the bunnies for a whole row of grass..

Of course this decision was made AFTER I removed part of the fence  *sigh.  Oh well. Three posts are easy to put back in.

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