Friday, February 25, 2011

Well Oh Well

Surgery went well yesterday.  Started a bit late, but really when do they ever start on time?  We got there at the time requested (11am) and finally left around 10pm.  So nice to be allowed to get some of the knock-out drugs out of the system before getting forced out.

Everyone that worked with me at the hospital was fantastically wonderful!  I will be sending a thank you to them.

Today has been a sleepy day and Ive been taking lots of naps :o)  Plan to for the rest of the weekend.  So far the pain is very manageable and Im trying to at least walk around the house (slowly) instead of going from bed to chair.  I am limited to what I can pick up, some where close to a full gallon of milk is the most Im allowed to do.  I am doing bit less than that.

Stitching – I even was able to add a few x’s to Frank N Boo today.  Its 32ct and med gray fabric and .3865 (snow white) fiber.  A bit easier to see and concentrate on.  And I may not even have to frog anything :oP 

And I have pictures!

Frank N Boo

Frank n Boo 2-25-11

Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop 2-25-11

And with those I am off to bed.  Again


  1. Glad your op went well . Take it easy and give yourself time to recover .

  2. I wish you a quick recovery, Rachel. I'm so glad everything went well! *hugs*

  3. Glad your home and your surgery went well. Sending you speedy recovery hugs. Nice starts to your stitching.

  4. I expect to see many completed items when you make it back to work. Perhaps even a dragon stocking! kate

  5. Glad your surgery went well. Take this time to really relax and rest.