Thursday, January 20, 2011

Those days

There are some days that I wonder how I get my shoes tied, they are that crazy.  This morning I thought I had everything together for starting Dragon of Water by Dragon Dreams.  When got my fabric figured out and chart in its spot, I found I didnt have the right thread!  ACK!  What am I going to do on the train?  (I ended up reading – always have a book for backup)

Fast forward to this evening, I go through my DMC stash to get the colors I need (missing a couple but enough to get me going for a while).  Sit down at stitch chair #1, open up fiber box and find I HAD THE WRONG ONE ALL DAY!!


And the day was kind of like that.

A bit of crazy with a calm sigh at the end.

Crazy Challenge – Dragon of Water by Dragon Dreams

Dragon of Water 1-20-11

May not be much but its a start! (I know –groan)


  1. A start is as start no matter how big, I just became a follower from you commenting on my blog. I quickly looked at some of your other projects your stitching is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.