Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I had to do one of the things I absolutely hate doing today – buying jeans.

Mine had enough and sprung their final hole and it wasnt worth patching any more.  The front pockets and lost their usefulness a while ago as they had several holes apiece, the one I found today in the legs was the final straw.  Sad as I did like them.

So I found a pair that fit and bought two!  Hopefully putting off this yucky chore for a longer time.

Crazy Challenge – Today’s chart is Coffin Buzz by Plum Street Sampler

Coffin Buzz1-19-11

Stitched on 36ct Flax Fields linen by R&R and BeFuddled silk by Vikki Clayton.  The color transition in the silk looks like coffee with cream (mmm)

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my challenge pieces – they are always a great motivator.

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