Friday, January 21, 2011

Burn out

I do believe I am officially burned out on new starts for a while.  I have two for today and that may be it for a while.  Give me a bit of time to have a few finishes and we shall see what the following months bring.

Pictures of what new starts I added to my mountain-ous pile of stitching projects will be done tomorrow.

I spent the evening lost in Goodreads and updating it with the books Ive read.  Not sure if I will ever get a finished list but hopefully its another way I can keep my want to read list updated than having clever notes everywhere.  Just wish they had a ISBN scanner so I could be really lazy when listing books I want to read :o)


  1. LOL, maybe that was the whole point of Crazy January, to cure you of startitis??

    I added you as a friend on goodreads...I'm Heather Lott (hlott or lottloft? I can't remember) on there.

  2. I felt that way when I got to about I have 4 of the 15 done & I started another new project today....oops!!!!!!

  3. forgot to ask....what is goodreads????