Sunday, January 2, 2011


I made an oops, a painful to the bank type of oops.  I melted the inside of D’s favorite jacket.  He got it free from work but will cost me $200 to replace.  And I will, eventually.  Something that I should easily save up for as Im not spending as much this year on stash.

How did I melt it?  The dryer was set to Maximum heat when I washed it.  Special plastic inside couldnt take the heat and fused.  This is what happens when one does not double check what settings are…

A good thing that happened today is D got the roof partially fixed.  Instead of making a small patch fix he pulled off that whole part of the roof.  Very impressive mess when I got home from shopping.  He was able to fix the problem (overlapping shingles so the water drops into the gutter – impressive thinking right?) and has 3/4 of the shingles replaced so far.  The rest will have to be finished during lunches Mon & Tues as Wed is bringing back the rain.  Will be nice not using all my towels to soak up the leaks.

Crazy Challenge – Today I started Fall Mandala by Ink Circles.  Fabric is 32ct Antique White and Im using most of the suggested DMC colors but changed 310 to 844.  I will be working on getting the outline complete before filling in all the colors.  It looks like a funky Fantasy writer’s map :o)

Fall Mandala 1-2-11

Flipp’n Challenge – Pirate’s Creed.  Main stitching on the skull is complete, now for all the back stitching.

Pirates Creed 1-2-11

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