Monday, January 3, 2011

A step is all it takes

Really, one single step to start getting healthier.  Especially easier as I have a treadmill.  Im starting one of my goals for this year, getting healthy.  I got home, changed into workout clothes and walked for 1/2 hr.  Nothing fancy, not fast, not slow (2.5 to be exact as per the computer) but enough to get my heart & muscles moving.

And much warmer than its been outside.  A balmy 67 deg inside while its 28 deg outside (brrr!)

D has the roof mostly done.  The crown is all thats left.  I kept him company in the garage (below 28 deg at that point!) while he was cutting shingles for the final (I so hope) part of this homeownership challenge.  Wed will be the true test.  The passing grade will be if there are no more leaks.

Loki is getting good at letting me know its bed time.  He walks into the office, sits by my chair and either whines or barks at me.  Its been about the same time for the past three nights (10pm).  If I dont give in to demands, he finds a hidey-hole somewhere in the office and wont come out (brat) until I close the door.  When I go back in, he’s waiting for me – just so I cant find where he hides.

Crazy Challenge – Today I started on Merry and Bright by Little by Little designs.  I switched out 739 for 3821 as Im stitching on white fabric and it needed to at least show up if not pop.

Merry and Bright 1-3-11


  1. I started a Little by Little designs for the CJC yesterday too! (Star Light Star Bright) Looking forward to more starts.

  2. Very nice start! Good luck on your health trip....