Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have a friend that does not make new year’s resolutions, she makes goals.  Explanation is so if they arent met, its a bit less depressing as it was a goal to be achieved.  And I like that.

So my goals for the year.

Stitch from stash – I have all I need for projects this year.  Thanks to the two challenges, Ive got plenty of projects to work on.

Keep chart spending to a min – There are a couple charts Im wanting to pick up this year, finish out the Anniversaries of the Heart series by BBD (3 + bonus left).  Other than that I want to keep those costs low.

Pay off dept – This is the year we take control and get the debt outta here. 

Getting in shape – I had a good start last year, even made it through most of the summer but August was a tough month and I just stopped.  We’ve got the treadmill so there is no excuse.  I need to put this goal in front as I dont want to be a dough body any more.  At times I think I should use other things as a reward for walking but then it turns walking into a chore and who wants to do chores?

Stitching – What can I say, Ive got a busy year ahead of me.  Going through charts I had, magazines for ornaments and charts I had kitted was fun.  Going through WIPs was interesting.  To make my WIP list for the challenge I looked through my journal to see what still needed to get done but then going through the project bags and finding others that need/want to finish made the list harder.  I was reminded of how much some projects really had done and others that had only proprietary stitches added.  I think I may add more WIPs as I finish and keep a rolling 15 (can you say LARGE eyes?)

My current plan, outside starting 15 the first 15 days of Jan is to alternate new vs WIP during the week and on the weekends, if time allows work on one challenge in the morning and other in the afternoon/evening.

So in keeping with the weekend stitching here are my entries for today

Crazy Challenge – Winter Sampler by LHN

Winter Sampler 1-1-11

Flipp’n Crazy Challenge – Pirate’s Creed by Sue Hillis

Pirates Creed 1-1-11 

I have a kitteh waiting patiently for me to get to bed.  Its been really cold at night and Loki has been a snug-bug.

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