Friday, December 31, 2010

Its a Wrap

for me 2010 was a good year.  Family is healthy and good.  Just need to work on grades and attitudes towards school (we can do this!)

2011 has us batting down the spending and paying off debt.  The plan is in place and we had thought it would start in Dec but Christmas sort of got in the way.  January is a whole new month and year and we will get started on the plan.

This year I was able to complete 14 projects, 4 more than last year.

2011 I have more projects scheduled than time but it will be fun seeing what I can get completed.  More ornaments are definitely on the game plan.  The tree was pretty bare this year, duo of chaos LOVED playing with glass balls so we had to move everything up.

I have fabric gridded for the ornaments Ive picked for the Crazy 2011 Challenge.  I have more than 15 projects overall picked but most are small and I hope easy to finish.  Last things I need are pockets to keep the projects together with the fabric.

Hope your New Year is festive and fun!


  1. Best wishes in the New Year, Rachel!

  2. Best of luck with the Crazy January Challenge - I've signed up for it too, as a direct result of seeing it on your blog when you linked to my designs. :)

    Kincavel Krosses