Friday, January 14, 2011


Cruising posts (like I do everyday) I saw a new start of a chart from The Goode Huswife from an OOP chart, Quaker Friendship Sampler, that was re-released in a book.  While I would like to do this chart its not on my "oh just have to get this so I can do it some day" list and at $74 for the book (that is if its still available) its been priced way out of my range.

Im also on the look out for a good deal on the Cross Stitch letters Bible.  Of course I need to take a view of the pages before I buy it but finding it local is a challenge.  I may have to just deal, save up for it and order it.  Ive been saving up funny quotes that are perfect for fiber and needle but I need the right alphabet(s) to really show them off.  Kell of Kincavel Krosses is giving me great ideas on how to finish up these quotes and share them with you.

Another stitchy think that is rattling around my gray matter is going in on the floss of the month assortments from Hand Dyed Fibers.  To me it sounds like a good way to increase my silks at a pretty good price.  I already purchased the variegated floss of the month for Jan – she started the alphabet over in Jan and I really wanted to increase my variegated collection.  Im just not sure about spending $40 (plus s&h) a month right now.  I may still get the variegated monthly for now.

For the Crazy Challenge, I thought I had all the fabric needed for the starts I want to do but finding some of the colors in said charts will just be hidden, so off to A&T or Michaels I go this weekend.  Ive got what I need for today's start.  Its the darn light color fibers that just vanish in white and the other dark colors are muted on the too dark brown I have.  bah!

Crazy Challenge day 14 – Today I was playing with Bees, Covered in Bees by Kincavel Krosses

Covered in Bees 1-14-11

Very pleased with how much I was able to accomplish on this today.

I have a few additional charts over the 15 that I would like to get to this year but Im not sure if Im going to go on with new starts or start in on my plan of new wip, old wip and maybe add these additional new starts in.  Shall see what the rest of the month brings.


  1. I'm with you on pondering the HDF clubs lol. I've not seen the new micros yet and REALLY need some in my stash, but I just can't justify joining a club if I'm honest with myself when I have so much already. I think I may just order a few micros to satisfy my curiosity lol.

  2. I'll be blunt, I've seen the book in person. Well printed blah blah blah, but my thought is that it is a tremendous money grab. Not worth the price because....

    I'm fairly certain most of the letters in that book are from the old copyright free DMC books. Which are available at the above link for free. The book isn't a good value for the money.