Saturday, January 15, 2011


Monday is my dad’s 70th birthday and today we got some of his family together to celebrate.  Lots of cake, pie and ice cream.  Singing was done but we did not light up the cake with the insane amount of candles as needed for the occasion as it would have tripped the smoke alarms for certain.

I will be meeting the parents for lunch on Monday.

Other than the birthday celebration we’ve been spending most of the day watching movies: 

Alpha/Omega – Ok cartoon, has some funny parts.  Got fooled on who was in (other than Danny Glover.

Last AirBender – Well, the effects are neat but understand why a sequel is not in the works at this time

Knight and Day – Fun movie

A-Team – Still in progress but another fun movie

Crazy Challenge – Day 15, the final day.  Today was By the Full Moon by Ink Circles.  36ct Tarnished Silver and Vikki Clayton fibers, same colors as Masquerade

Full Moon 1-15-11

During this challenge Ive started four more Ink Circles charts.  I must be smitten :)

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  1. Heh. When my grandma turned 70 (or was it 80?) we put alll the candles on the cake (a small, round one!) It quickly turned into a 2 foot high pyramid of flame that we had to pour water over to extinguish. The top of the cake was completely covered with liquid wax, and the Oreo halves that were on top were turned to charcoal (and since they are black to begin with, we didn't notice until I bit into one). Yummy. =)