Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Ready

for the weekend!  This week at work has been one runaway train wreck after another and I am exhausted!  Thank god for only one more day left.

I dont know what I would do without being able to add even a few x’s to any project as thats how I release stress.  No posts yesterday as I took time out to visit friends (and stitch) then came home and went to bed.

Watching VH1’s Behind the Music Remastered is bad for my wallet.  Reconnecting with my highschool-self and having to jump on iTunes and get those songs Ive forgotten about from bands I loved.  I need to repurchase all my Def Leppard albums as I had them as tapes and those just dont transfer well to iTunes.  Tonight’s purchase was Duran Duran’s Do You Believe in Shame from Tequila Sunrise soundtrack. 

Crazy Challenge

Day 12 was Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket.  On 32ct linen using DMC 4140

Quaker Reindeer 1-12-11

Day 13 is I Love Reindeer by Midsummer Night Designs.  Changes Ive made to this is NOT using DMC light effects (gads hideous to work with).  I am blending 3024 and 3023 for a similar but not shiny effect.

I Love Reindeer 1-13-11


  1. I love your new starts!
    And about the music, we must be around the same age lol, I loved Def Leppard and hearing their songs sure brings back memories!

  2. Great starts. I'm looking forward to the weekend too.