Sunday, December 19, 2010

two to go

Well two kids left to buy for and Im done.  They are much harder than the adults.  I did have a great time picking out gifts for some of them.  I have one niece that loves Hello Kitty – Its just hard picking out stuff for now and stuff for later (and try not to get the same stuff as last year).  I have two others who are book worms.  This year they are both getting Little Women and The Wizard of Oz.  I can get the other Oz books for B-days and future Christmas.  Thats planning!

Stitching stuff

With the exception of ONE skein of floss I have all the items needed to start my Crazy January 2011 Challenge.  Now to bobbin up the skeins I have and section off the squares on the fabric and I will be good to go.

Now for some updates

Rejoice!  My sheep, tho missing the front now has back legs and a head.  I love the character head this sheep has.

Rejoice 12-19-10

Oh Christmas Tree – All colors in the chart are presented.  This one will end up being a bit bigger than I expected.

O Christmas tree 12-19-10


Now for proof the duo are just weird.  Friday I was on my own (except for them) and they just couldnt let me have a room by myself.


As you can see, Lilith is very comfortable.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Oh, Christmas Tree! stitched. I hope you'll let me post a hoto of your finished piece in the gallery of stitchs at Kincavel Krosses. :)

    Happy stiching!