Monday, December 20, 2010

Im chipped

Well I lasted two whole days before chipping my beautiful nail polish.  Going to call and see if I can get them repainted for Christmas (on 23rd and see if I can last til Christmas)

Also placed my order for Christmas dinner – this year we are having smoked turkey breast with the Honey Baked Ham (mmm, Honey Baked).  Made a change to pick it up on the 23rd as well, hoping the line wont be as long.  I can hope right?  As they open at 8, I will be getting my tush over there early!

Im going to take it easier, cooking wise, for Christmas.  Im thinking of pie, maybe from Marie Callendar or Sheries.  Havent decided.  Chocolate of course and maybe a coconut cream (D’s fav).

Reading blogs this morning, I found another wonderful person creating cute charts and sharing them with us.  Ive added her to my list of freebie sites and also below.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry about the polish, Rachel! I hate when that happens.
    We're also doing a honey baked ham for Christmas. Yum!

    HAve a merry Christmas