Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 starts picked

I loved having the mani/pedi and plan to go back.  Thinking of scheduling one every time the boys get their hair cut, I could get used to this kind of pampering.

Two more kids done for Christmas, four more to go.  My boys have been done for a while, having fun getting stocking stuffers.

I finally was able to fill out my 15 for the Crazy January 2011 Challenge – There are a couple more than 15 starts but I would like to get them started and hopefully finished next year.

Im an Evil Herbivore by Kincavel Krosses

Covered in Bees by Kincavel Krosses

Dragon of Air by Dragon Dreams

Dragon of Water by Dragon Dreams


     Snowy Night by The Prairie Schooler

     Winter by The Prairie Schooler

     Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket

     2007 Merry x-mas by Bright Needle

     Keeping Watch mitten by Cross-Eyed Cricket

     Merry and Bright by Little by Little Design

     Snow Bunnies by LHN

     I love Reindeer by Midsummer Night Designs

     Gingerbread Tree by LHN

     Stained Glass Pine by Ink Circles

Emerald Stocking

Masquerade by Ink Circles

Fall Mandala by Ink Circles

1 comment:

  1. I'm so flattered you've chosen two of my designs! I can hardly wait to see your finished pieces -I hope you'll let me add photos to the gallery of stitches at Kincavel Krosses when you're done. :)

    Happy stitching!