Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Why

I have a huge (HUGE) teacher rant here. 

Why do some teachers choose to withhold helpful information for students until AFTER the quarter is over and graded that helps them understand what was just taught (and graded)?

I just found out from P that his math teacher just passed out an info sheet for a section they just finished and may go back to IF time allows this year.

W. T. F.!!

Why?  Can any teacher out there explain why hold anything like this back from anyone you may be teaching anything to? 

Why not give them all the tools so they can use them if needed?  Or god forbid have it used by us parents to try an muddle through when said student has problems, and its late at night, and the assignment is due tomorrow or else?

D has a completely different view on this than me and says its done to make the students think on their own.  Still doesnt make sense as with the additional information they would be able to charge on more, faster, better than floundering for a qtr.

Math just happens to be one of those subjects that pushes all my buttons at once.

No one can decide just how math is going to be taught and STAY with that method.  Worked just fine all the years I was in school but now, hell with that.  I swear its changed at least every two years since P started Montessori school!

And its not just how its taught but how the kids have to show their work, how they got to the answers they did.  And if they dont follow the way correctly, they get marked down for that!  Seriously!!

If I have a math question and show the work how I got to the answer, it should not matter how I got there or not.  The answer is the same is it not?

Ive been trying to calm down all night but as you can tell the fire is still lit (and bright as hell).  I want to calm down enough so I can have a meeting with said math teacher and P.  I know there has to be more going on than what I am getting (or I hope there is but dont think its much better – my history with this school is not good)

Gah, I’d hoped getting this down would be therapeutic but had the opposite effect.

Im off to my own therapy and get more x’s added to my mitten.

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  1. I don't understand that kind of thinking! I would think providing all the tools necessary up front or throughout the topic, unit, or section would far more helpful than after the fact! I hope you get the answers you are looking for to better help your child!

    Robin in Virginia