Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ok so apparently my entering into the Crazy January Challenge 2011 has been noticed by my local stitch friends (Hi guys!!).  I got a few comments about the craziness :op.

Shop owner of A&T, Jeannine, does another version that isn't as mind blowing as 15 in 15 days. She is doing a new start on each Saturday in January, so 5 new starts. And anyone who wants to join is welcome. 

For one of my new starts I need to get fabric and threads. The fabric I had hope to use just isn't going to be big enough. It will be one of the last projects I start as I'm not planning on doing anymore stash shopping this year, unless Santa comes through. 

I'm currently working on a mitten ornament and it just may be the final finish of 2010. I hope to get a pic of it tomorrow posted. 

Thanks for stopping by

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