Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sweet 16

Today marks 16 years of wedded bliss with my sweetie.  Its still unbelievable we’ve been together this long, it sure never feels like it.


Some final adjustments to my Flipp’n Challenge list.  Trying to get the projects together and I couldnt find one.  Its small and no doubt hiding, not wanting to be finished just yet.  No problem, Ive got others ready to go in its place and now everything for that challenge is in one big bag and easy to get at.

I also found other projects itching to be started and may include or replace charts on my Crazy Challenge 2011 list.  Cute Photobooth Frank N Boo and Easter Surprise as well as LHN Winter Sampler.

Tomorrow and New Years I need to get fabric gridded for ornaments.  The big projects have their needed fabric already to go.  I was a bit concerned about having enough fabric for the ornaments and smaller charts but found a couple bonus pieces I had hidden – Booya!  No more shopping :P  Well at least for the challenges.

After gridding I am good to go for both challenges.

I do not have a set process or order for what I will be working on.  The Crazy Challenge is going to take precedence for the first 15 days of Jan and then after that it will be whatever screams loudest.  We’ve talked and they understand this, so scream they will.  I will be placing the charts for the Crazy Challenge in another large bag so everything is easy to get at.

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