Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The local Christmas tree is linked up with sound. DL and I found this out yesterday while driving home. Signs are up to tune in to a radio channel to listen to Christmas tree music. D and I do turn to it and listen in for the few blocks it covers. The song playing yesterday was the Peanuts theme song (why that's christmas music is beyond me) but it was to that song I noticed the lights playing along. Always fun to watch light shows like that.

Of course it brought DL back to decorating our house for the holidays… again (not this close to Christmas- not gonna happen)


My package from Hand Dyed Fibers came today!  So pretty - Not sure if I can hold myself back from starting on Masquerade until 2011 now.  The fabric is beautiful, I need to get more for other projects - whatever they may be.

So now for my 15 Starts challenge Im just one skein of floss away from being able to complete everything.  Ive spent part of my evening winding threads on bobbins.


(nope, not one of mine)

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  1. The dude said that just the other day, "Why is the sing from the Peanuts' special considered Christmas music?" They play it a lot on the local all-holiday music channel.

    Merry Christmas!