Thursday, December 2, 2010

I must be crazy!

Two stitching challenges for 2011!  First one to start and finish 15 projects during the year. Second is to finish 15 current WIPs during the year. 30 completed projects for the year!  I must be mad :p  (see side bar for blog links)

Bliss is getting a spot on the train next to a heater on cold mornings (or afternoons).   Of course it makes the opening of the doors that much colder :/

Boys have tomorrow off, DL is excited to bake cookies. I'm hoping with his, um exuberant help (at least acting like it now), I can get a few batches done. Wishing I had a second fridge so I could get some refrigerator dough started. My one and only is over stuffed as the t-day fixings seem to be sticking around longer than I thought.

Well the talk of getting a tree this year (yup, with the duo of chaos) is coming to reality.  Of course the hope is to get a blue spruce and to find a u-cut farm close by that has family fun activities.  Unfortunately Ive been unable to find a farm that has both.  I think getting the tree D wants is holding out over the activities.

My job is to keep the agents of chaos from the tree.  Much easier said than done.  I havent tried the mouse traps* on them, may get a few and see what happens.  Im betting the traps will go off and then be played with…

So by count Im three kinds of crazy with the challenges, baking with DL and trees with the duo.  It will be a fun month!

*Mouse traps are armed but placed upside down so when said agent steps on one it will go off but no harm done other than shocking the hell out of the agent.  Worked great keeping Homer off kitchen counters and after a while we didnt even have to arm the traps, just place them upside down.

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  1. Cool idea for keeping kitties off counters and away from the tree.

    I love your new blog "background" - very festive.