Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Im placing myself in two challenges

1. Going for another month of blogging, December NaBloPoMo.  Challenge as its one of the busiest times of the year with the holidays in December, family get togethers and prepping for those gatherings.  Not to mention just coming off a solid month of posting.  I look at it as another way to get my creative juices flowing in another area, writing.

2. I joined what seems to be the rest of the Cross stitchers on the net in the Crazy January Challenge of 2010.  I can only hope Minna can handle all of us :o)

I will be starting 15 ornaments.  Ive wanted to get a bunch stitched and have always had grand goals to do so but never seem to get in the groove to get them started.  This will be a great prod in the butt to get started!

A new page has been added to my blog that will list those I will be working on, as soon as I have them picked out (and narrowed down!).

Good luck to those who have join in the stitching challenge!


  1. check out the Flip'n Crazy January Challenge, it will be alot of finishing in 2011.
    Ba always in Stitches

  2. Wow, you're brave joining the Crazy Challenge lol, I would love to, but hate kitting things up and don't think I'd have time to force myself before 1st Jan.