Friday, December 3, 2010


The house is roasting cause we didnt get to baking cookies until late and it doesnt seem to matter how many windows I open, the oven goes into over drive and heats up the whole house.  While I love a well insulated house, when I cook – I hate it!

I only got one batch of cookies done and my helper jumped ship as soon as everything was mixed, just getting him to help mix was a challenge (more important stuff to do like play Burnout Paradise!)

The one batch was good enough as I found the cause of what caused my pumpkin loaf to divide by zero a couple weeks ago.  My baking soda is kaput.  The bread calls for both soda and powder and I wasnt sure which one it was.  Thought both were somewhat new (baking powder was new).  Thx to the flat cookies I know I need new baking soda.  Easily solved by going to the store (tomorrow).

Had a wonderful morning with MIL and was able to complete many knit rows and a few purl rows.  I feel more comfortable stitching Continental (thread is held in the left hand) and she is the opposite.  Made teaching a bit interesting.  Knit stitches were easier than purl. 

A vision of my handiwork so far.

Getting Started 12-3-10

I dont have anything planned for this particular piece, just getting comfortable with the new medium.

On other stitching fronts Im still working out my challenge lists.  Still focusing on small projects for the new 15, with the exception of my HAED stocking.  I got most of the skeins wound on bobbins and put in numerical order in a holder.  Just need to play around with fabric to see what I want to use.

On the WIP 15 I need to look through all Ive got and see where each is.  One on the list has to be my LOTR Map – dont think it will be finished in a year unless it was the only thing I worked on but I want to get more added than Ive been adding.

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  1. making good knit progress! good luck on deciding your 15.