Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Tree is in the House!

We have a tree!  And its in the house with lights on.  They need to be tweaked before the ornaments go up.

We went looking for a Blue Spruce and came home with a Noble.  A very Blue Spruce looking Noble but it has levels that show off lights and ornaments.

We went to Victorhill Farm, a nice smaller tree farm with a small gift shoppe that had ornaments and beautiful wreaths. 

I thought about getting a wreath to hang outside but my asthma decided I needed to conclude business and get out of the shop, too many things in the air in too small a space.

Will be interesting to see how well I do with the live tree in the house…

With a tree this year I need to get the ball rolling and finish the pile of stitched ornaments I have so they can go up on the tree!

15 WIPs

Im surprised it was easy to pick the WIPs to complete.  Going by my journal (which I do my best to keep up to date) Im also surprised I dont have as many WIPs as I thought.  I do have several entered that I want to stitch and may or may not have kitted which made the list bigger than it is.

Im still working on the 15 new projects to start.  Need to get going on those so they can be kitted up and ready to go.  As Ive said, I want to focus on ornaments but there are BBD houses I need to start and finish.

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  1. Will be interested to see a list of your wips and planned new starts, I love this time of year reading about everyone's stitching plans.
    I'm envious of your real tree, we haven't had one the last few years because we used to get them for the smell and that doesn't seem to last anymore.