Friday, December 17, 2010


I have a wonderful Hubby.  When scheduling hair cuts for the boys he scheduled a mani/pedi for me!  The salon he goes to has the works and the people are nice.

Im looking forward to being pampered and having my first mani/pedi.

Signs Im doing good mom stuff – Went to the library to drop off and pick up books for myself and paused by the math books for P to see if there was anything that could help him understand Algebra the way his teacher is wanting.  Shocker there was!

I was so surprised when we got home and instead of closing himself up in his room (teenager that he is becoming) he pulled out his math notebooks, got out one of the library books and went to work!  It was this first one that explained exactly what he was needing, the light bulb was blinding :o)

I did nothing I planed this morning on my day off.  No presents wrapped, no Sherlock watched and no x’s added.  I was a total bum!  It felt good but I also wasted needed time.  D and I will be ditching the kids and hopefully finishing shopping tomorrow.  Will be nice to be completely done with Christmas shopping.  I still have to get stuff for nieces and nephews.  Most I have a plan for, some I have an idea and others Im totally lost on.  Im sure something will dawn on me (us) by the end of the weekend.


  1. A mani/pedi is a great treat!

    Good luck finishing up your shopping. I've got a small bit left to do myself.....

  2. Love the mani-pedi. You have a great hubby. Have a Merry Christmas.