Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another One gone

Syfy just cancelled another one of my shows.  Stargate Universe is gone after this season is complete.  I guess it clears the way for more reality ghost hunter crap and wrestling.  oh joy.

Soon there wont be a reason for them to use Syfy or anything close to Sci-fi in their name cause there wont be any.

Im wishing even harder that I had access to current seasons of the sci-fi shows the BBC puts on.

I will settle for Netflix, Direct TV accsss and web for access.  The BBC version of Sherlock has good reviews and thx to PBS I will be catching up and waiting for new episodes (if they ever come out)

My headache/migraine is still around and making stitching difficult to focus on.  I was able to get a few x’s added this morning as the trains were running slow.  Thankfully I was already stuck on one (and in the warmth of the car and not waiting outside) when that announcement was sent. 

I worked more on Oh Christmas Tree, adding to the tree.  Im using thread from Needle Necessities, wonderful overdyes were perfect for the green, red and yellow the chart calls for.

Thankfully I have tomorrow off – mostly.  Except for a 2hr volunteering at P’s school (science fair season), I hope to relax, get some presents wrapped and watch Sherlock.

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