Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 days

This year we have three straight days of gathering.  Dinner at the In Laws Christmas eve, Christmas with the boys at our house, then more Christmas the day after Christmas.  Food, Food, Food!

But I will not over do things this year.  Food is going to the bottom of the list.  There will be ham and turkey at my house but not much else.  Sandwiches FTW.  I just need to remember to get bread and rolls.  Maybe some eggs for Dutch Babies for breakfast, oh and bacon (cant forget the bacon!)

Tomorrow Ive GOT to start wrapping presents – yup not a single one has any bright colored paper or ribbons on them.  Plus I still need to get a few more.  Ack!

I also feel a bit off as no cooking has really been done this season.  Thanksgiving doesnt count.  Last year I had a grand time mixing and baking several different cookies and quick breads.  Had great plans on doing the same this year.  Then there was the pumpkin bread episode early Nov and subsequent toll-house cookie incident where both went, well flat.  Hard to get back into the mood after that!

We have cheated a bit and purchased pre-made Toll-house cookies and baked those.  Total no brainer but just not the same thing.



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  1. I hope you got all those presents wrapped!

    Merry Christmas, Rachel!