Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting lists together

Or more figured out, whittled down, and maybe even written down.  Ok so Im not at the last part yet for the Crazy January Challenge but Im getting there.

I went into A&T tonight to see if there was ANYTHING that I just couldnt not start for ornaments.  Ya, thats it.  I went in only to look for ornament stuff (sure!)

Well As I was sitting and chatting with friends, Jenny Bean Christmas reached out and pinched me!  Seriously!!  So I had to pick that up, explain how it wasnt nice.  Discussions went on and I had to bring her home for further talking to.

Really sad arent I?

Even better is that I think that fabric I got for Masquerade will work for Jenny Bean Christmas.  Just need to get the threads.  And I hope to put in an order for Vicki Clayton next paycheck so I may have them in time for the starting 15.  Will have to wait and see.

So for a pre-start list I have Masquerade, HAED Stocking, Jenny Bean Christmas and various ornaments.

Now to start looking through all my ornament charts and pick the remaining 12…

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  1. I am in awe of you joining the Crazy Challenge lol, I would love to but there is NO way I could do it, I already have more wips than I can cope with lol.