Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Big Quandary

What do you do when someone you dont know very well drops a load of TMI information in your lap and now knowing this you feel the need to do something for them?

I had a person do this to me today.  Ive never met him face to face, only through phone conversations for a project at work.  Today  he tells me his wife is going through a total hysterectomy and they found a good sized tumor.  Only warning she really had is not feeling good.

In 5 min, know more about his family than I do most of my co-workers or even personal friends and I just dont know what to do.  Or what I can do as its the whole work thing.  GAH!

*Sigh, on to other things

Food for thought

I made Loaded Potato crock pot soup tonight. 

ok, the fun really started last night with


(its bacon after being baked in the oven at 450 deg)

And then it went down hill (as if anything can be bad after bacon!).  While peeling potatoes I sliced a finger open, and part of the nail with it.  SO not fun!

Thankfully its doing better together.  I was happily surprised I was able to type as well as I did with a band-aid

Now on to dinner.  I liked it, D thought it was ok.  The boys, not so much.  Even with BACON!

Well, next time I will use russets and not red.  See if that will be better.

Love Quilts

Vonna reminded me of a very worthy cause, Love Quilts.  This organization is a cross stitch group that takes squares stitched with love and creates wonderful quilts for critically ill children or children with life long illnesses.

They have a few ways you can donate finished squares, sign up for a specific quilt or send in squares on specific themes that they can use on any quilt.

Well Im off to add x’s into something before going off to bed.



  1. sounds like he just needed someone to listen. If you talk to him again just ask how he is doing, and chat a bit if you have the time he prob just needs someone that is not a part of the family to talk too

  2. I bet the man you talked to was so worried about his wife, that he just unloaded because he's beside himself with worry. Thank for listening to him, it probably helped him a whole lot just to have someone listen.

    Your supper dishes sound delightful and look great in that picture!

    Thank you for linking to Love Quilts, it IS a worthy cause :)