Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Pitty Yights!

Sure sign its the holiday season when the lights on the trees bordering the transit mall are now on.  I dont recall them being on Monday or Tuesday but this morning they were a delight to see.  Even better on the way home when the sky is darker.

Seeing all the lights at the holidays always reminds me of Christmas when P was 1-2.  I loved taking him up and down streets with brightly decorated houses and hear him exclaim "Pitty Yights Mama, Pitty Yights!".  The Oregon Zoo Lights was great fun with him as well.

Its still fun to take both kids, searching for decorated houses during the holiday season.

Sure couldnt tell we are in Fall today, definitely NOT November.  62 degrees at 6am!  Supposed to have a high of 68-70.  Very strange for us this time of year.

Dinner tonight was a brain cramping process.  I had planned on taco soup but for some reason I only bought 2 of the items I needed.  So instead of rushing to the store after work and getting the items I need for soup (which I did anyway) we get to have spaghetti.  Which I still have to go to the store for.  Just more realistic as the soup needs 2.5 hrs in the crock pot to think.  The spaghetti not so much.  No crock pot for sure.  Also gave the boys a brake from soup.  It will be saved for tomorrow :op


I have another start! 

Quaker Boo 11-3-10

Quaker Boo (by The Sampler Girl)

Stitched on 36ct Navy Bean with WDW Carrot & Scuppernong

This is a fun project to stitch and I hope I can get it finished this year.  Will just have to see what other projects leap out and start between now and then :)


(Should ornies count? :P)

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