Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four Words

Thats all it took for my week to go from blah normal to floating on a cloud.

D's company holiday party is this weekend and I was trying to find anything in the closet that I could wear (dont want to have to get new stuff for a one night gig).  I had already tried on a dress that comes with a long coat and was told by D that it looks very business -like. 

So - not something I want to wear to a party.

Then I remembered a almost knee length black skirt I had (shoved (well badly folded) in a cubby).  Pulled that out and paired it with a black and red patterned blouse.  Went back out for "approval" and got, "thats nice" from D (way to hit it out of the ball park honey *sigh). 

As I was turning around headed back to the bedroom, DL came in and said "Mom, you look nice!"

See, all it took was four words.  Four wonderful words from my 9 yo and Im walking in the clouds.

Stitch update

I know!  Who knew it would be so soon!!

Quaker Boo

Quaker Boo 11-4-10

  This has been a very fast stitch, even on 36ct, with 1 thread on the train no less (including being jostled back and forth while trying to count).

  I love how delicate it looks.

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