Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh the pain!

I woke up to really feeling the muscles in my back today.  They were telling me that it was so ok not to use them, they had been more than fine with that and that I would be paying for making them move and twist and turn this weekend ('darn you Xbox Kinect’ they screamed LOUDLY).

I was good and didnt play all day yesterday.  In fact it was one session in the morning and another in the afternoon/evening.  I had to stop cause I needed to breathe and all the jumping was hurting my knees. (darn old self anyhow).  I had lots of fun playing with the kids.

The muscles are just gonna have to deal with it cause theres more where that came from :op.  The Zumba game is set to be released on 11/18.  Cant wait!

Stitch Update

Here is an update on Quaker Boo

Quaker Boo 11-8-10

  Still loving the colors I chose for this project.






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